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October 2007
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Fun With DVD’s
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Yesterday, we went to the dollar store to pick up some miscellaneous household items, and I discovered a bin of very, very cheap double-feature DVDs organized by genre. They are distributed by a company called EastWestDVD and are apparently pressed and packaged in Hong Kong.

I read the descriptive copy on the back of the packaging and could not pass these up for a buck apiece, even if I never get around to watching the movies themselves. Because try as I might, I could not write movie summaries this brief and unintentionally funny:

The most expensive Japanese movie ever made about a plague that wipes out all but 858 people after a nuclear war.

Galaxy Invader
An alien is hunted by a gang of drunken hillbillies who saw him crash-land his spaceship.

Five convicts parachute with their stolen loot into an abandoned graveyard ruled by deadly scarecrows.

Garden of the Dead
Zombie convicts from a chain gang rise from their graves after sniffing experimental fumes.

I want to steal these premises and write completely new stories around them.

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New 10/19/2007
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Up today at Yankee Pot Roast, this geeky bit of pop culture insanity:

Classic Nintendo Game Secrets

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Scream Theatre 2007 at Flint City Theatre
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Opening tonight in Flint, Michigan!

I’m a perfomer and contributing writer on this year’s show, so please consider making the journey if you want to experience my twisted humor newly adapted for and enlivened by live performance. Scooby-Doo, Sarah Vowell… you guys know my work.

(For those who don’t get to see the show live, an original cast CD is being edited as we speak and should be available for sale very soon.)

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So it appears that my old blogitall blog has been lost to the bit-bucket for some while, and can no longer be updated.  It is possible I will not be able to revive it.  Actually, at this point, since I have deleted and recreated it, it is pretty much certain.  Which makes me feel less guilty for not updating in quite some while.

Hence, I will celebrate the ephemeral nature of the World Wide Web by linking to a recent rerun of my work I would probably not otherwise mention, in honor of Columbus Day:

Nice Things To Say To Chris Columbus After Seeing RENT

This is also an acknowledgment that I haven’t been publishing a lot of new work lately.  Work has been busy and I have been lazy.  But there are some interesting things in the works, one of which I will shortly describe in detail.

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